Best Casinos in Europe

Best Casinos in Europe

January 25, 2020 By Cindy

If you are on the move and plan to include in your itinerary a top-class night out in a casino, Europe is one of the best destinations. It has for you some of the most exquisite and luxurious casino facilities in the world. Whether you like to indulge in some of the most exotic culinary delights or sip some classy wine, or look at the awesome chandeliers of the world’s most beautiful casino, or be awestruck by the magnificence of the biggest casino Europe has ever seen, it’s guaranteed that you have some quality time of indulgence and some valuable memories that last a lifetime. All that’s without mentioning the electric vibe of the exclusive poker rooms and the numerous tables of other games, and slots. Let’s have a look at some top European casinos.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

Best Casinos in Europe - Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

With an area of 108,000 sq. ft., more than 300 slots, and 18 bars and restaurants, Casino de Monte Carlo is the most famous and sought after casino in entire Europe. Other than the quality service and exhaustive facilities, its prestige and fame are also partly attributed to James Bond, the fictional film character, many of whose movies are associated with it. You can play a range of games here, including the stud poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps, Trente et quarante, and video poker. Other than the games, it also houses many other facilities of which the greatest attractions are the two large theatres, namely the Grand Theatre and Les Ballets. With all its top-notch characteristics, Monte Carlo has gained the title of the best casino in Europe.

Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Best Casinos in Europe - Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is not a very famous destination for gambling, but this one casino is of exceptional class and cannot be excluded. The Estoril Casino occupies an area of 26,900 sq. ft. that houses 10 bars/restaurants, 1235 slots, and other game tables. Started in 1916, it was a meeting place for spies during World War 1. A variety of games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker, French bank, etc. can be played there. What’s more, there are regular live tournaments of Omaha and Hold’em poker games. For dining and drinking requirements, you have restaurants including  Mandarim, Noble Estoril and Bars like Casablanca and Play Garden. In addition to this, you have other amenities such as the art gallery and the conference center.

Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

Best Casinos in Europe - Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

With 590,000 sq. ft. area, Casino di Campione is, without a doubt, the largest casino in Europe. It boasts of more than 500 slots, over 50 tables, and three high profile bars/restaurants. All the facilities are enclosed in 9 floors of space. At the tables, you may choose your favorite game from among Roulette, baccarat, blackjack, punto banco, Chemin de fer, video poker, and many more. Situated by Lake Lugano in Italy, it is not merely the biggest casino in Europe, but also an inseparable part of the region’s history. Originally established in 1917 during World War 1, high diplomats used to be its visitors.

Casino Baden, Baden, Germany

Best Casinos in Europe - Casino Baden, Baden, Germany

Casino Baden is one of the famous destinations in Europe for Poker tournaments. Its opulent interiors and elegant design make it the most beautiful casino in Europe, and sometimes even called the most beautiful in the world itself. Merely looking at its chandeliers is a sheer pleasure to the eyes. Starting in 1809, it is also one of the oldest too. The entire center covers an area of 32,289 sq. ft., housing 112 slots and 20 table games. It provides you world-class dining facilities and 5-star service.

Empire Casino, London UK

Best Casinos in Europe - Empire Casino, London UK

It is located in an edifice that once used to be a Victorian opera center called the Empire. Its exclusive poker rooms are very famous in the UK. Regular poker tournaments are held in the facility. And there are many varieties of table games like the American roulette, punto banco, blackjack, Pai gow tiles, 3-card poker, electronic roulette, etc. as well as a range of slots to choose from. What’s more, there are several bars, restaurants, and lounges like the Dragon Lounge for your further indulgence. Its impeccable service has helped it maintain a great name in the world of casinos.


Most of these European casinos not only provide the gambling and entertainment facilities but also make sure that you are provided world-class service. One factor that never fails to captivate your senses and inspire you is the sheer exuberance of the luring interiors and the exquisite, radiant spaces. Whether you are a beginning player or an expert, if you are into casinos and gambling, then these are destinations that you ought to drop into at least once in your life.